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A brief history of Lakeway *

  • 1937: construction on the dam started, 1941, New Deal project created Lake Travis

  • 1941: three men from Houston visited area looking for a hotel site

  • 1962: rancher Jack Josey showed his 2700-acre ranch on Lake Travis to same three men

    • They immediately took a 60-day option with plan to develop more than a hotel

  • 1962: (October), construction began on The Inn / partnership expanded to 10 men

  • 1962-1965: partnership bought 3,697 acres from Josey

  • 1963: (July 12) Grand Opening of The Inn and Marina

  • 1963: the airpark completed

  • 1964: first custom home built at 104 Highlander, owners become first permanent residents of Lakeway

  • 1965: (October 1) Live Oak golf coarse opened

  • 1967: (August 5) A major brush fire along Challenger near Hurst Creek prompts development of Lakeway Village Fire Department (est Dec 1968)

  • 1971: Lakeway Patio home condominiums section 1 is completed, becoming the first condominiums built in Texas (Kite St. at Lido)

  • 1971: (April 26) Gulfmont / Lakeway Land Co (Houston) sold its interest in Lakeway to Alpert Corp (Dallas)

    • 300 homes built and 1,000 acres developed at this time


*Source: A. Denys Cadman, and Byron D. Varner, “In the Beginning: A Brief History of Lakeway” Austin: Silverdale, 1981

For a more comprehensive history of Lakeway, visit the City of Lakeway website.

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